So much for ‘bigger, better’


I would like to express my views and frustrations about  Digicel PNG and its network coverage in  the country.
Every day on all social media, Digicel advertises “PNG’s Bigger, Better Network”.
Has Digicel covered all remote parts of the country? I don’t think so.
In some parts of the country, people  are still struggling to communicate to friends and wantoks living in network coverage areas.
The people of Batri Valley consisting of 10,000-plus people between Kagua and  Erave districts  have suffered for  decades in infrastructure developments and now the communication system since the inception of Digicel.
Batri  Valley has produced several university degree holders and also businessmen and women who are  contributing to the country’s economy but this place has been neglected.
They  climb up high mountains to communicate in times of emergency and some times it is very risky to do that during rain and wind.
If Batri Valley is not included in Digicel’s tower mapping, then politicians please do something for Batri Valley.

Mark Talipa,
GPS operator, Lae

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