Too much politics in DDAs, says governor


THE composition and structure of the current district development authority (DDA) are politically motivated and not people-focused, Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu says.
Saonu said he was speaking from experience during the leadership of Morobe’s firebrand premier, the late Utula Samana.
“In Morobe we have development authorities including Anga, Huon Gulf and Fisika and their impacts,
especially with roads and wharves, are still in existence while some
airstrips are covered with shrubs today.”
Saonu said that the composition of the current DDA was dominated with political interests unlike in the past when the development authority consisted of representatives
from companies, MPs, government agencies, churches and communities.
“With a mere K500,000 provincial budgets, the DDA managed to build roads in Bulolo, Watut, Menyamya, Wasu, Kabwum, Leron, Wantoat, Wau, Biaru, Sim and various other feeder roads including wharves and airstrips.
“We have functional airstrips with Talair providing weekly services to and from rural areas.”

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