Multi-purpose vaccine protects from cancer


THE cervical cancer vaccination will protect girls from developing other forms of cancer caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) when they get older, according to National HPV vaccine programme coordinator Dr Edward Waramin.
Waramin said the vaccine will not protect them from cervical cancer but cancer of the throat and mouth, anal genital cancer and genital warts.
“It is very good and it protects against a lot of cancers, the main one is cancer of the cervix in women but if you look at the advantage of it, it can cover so many other problems that occur, in both men and women,” Waramin said
“Over 205 million doses of vaccine have been given in many other countries worldwide and none have reported any negative side effects.”
Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said the cost of procurement of the vaccination in National Capital District cost almost K1 million and this amount would be used to plan for the other provinces.
“We will have the Government plan to roll out to the rest of the country. It will be unfair to have this available today and the girls in PNG are not accessing it, and with the statistics and regular reports on cancer recently, it’s a call to us to address this. I would encourage our leaders to work with development partners to assist the Government in protecting our girls.
“It’s not good complaining about the end result when women are already affected and then they call in at their health facilities and we can’t save them, they lose their lives.

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