Murder suspect shot during attempt to escape police custody


AN escapee is in a serious condition at the Kimbe General Hospital after he was shot yesterday by police in West New Britain.
The suspect, in his mid-20s, was on the run after escaping from police custody while waiting for his trial.
Police commander Superintendent Jim Namora said in Kimbe yesterday that the suspect was charged with wilful murder in 2013.
He was accused of killing his wife.
He is from Bali-Vitu Island and Wosera in East Sepik.
He was wanted by police for a string of serious crimes.
Police have withheld his name.
Namora said police would conduct a thorough internal investigation into his escape.
“Tough action will be taken against anyone who had facilitated his escape,” Namora said.
The escapee was surrounded by police at his hideout at Kimbe Heights early yesterday morning after police received information about his whereabouts.
He rushed out of his hiding place with a loaded homemade firearm when he was shot, police said.
Police confiscated a shotgun cartridge and a homemade gun.
“Criminal investigators will prepare all appropriate criminal charges for the escapee as soon as he is stabilised,” Namora said.
Meanwhile, police are appealing to all other escapees to turn themselves in and surrender their weapons.

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