Murderers should be punished


IN your  paper on Oct 11 headed Jailed for 30 years, families reconcile related to a reconciliation ceremony after a murder case involving a sorcery suspect. A person was killed and the killer was rightly jailed for that many years. The particular LLG (Wain-Erap) in Morobe has seen a number of murders committed by villagers against their own men, who were suspected of sorcery in the last few years. It is good that murderers are sent to serve jail time. Unfortunately, many of those killers of suspected sorcerers are still roaming free. People must now understand that money and compensation or reconciliation will not repair the damage done by the killing of another person nor will it erase the trauma experienced by the victim’s family. It is a shame  the guilty party’s family found it good to reconcile at this time. Let the man serve his time and maybe appeal later to a higher court. For now, murderers belong to the prison.

SS, Port Moresby

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