Music, best education for children, says teacher


MUSIC education is one of the best things that you can give to your child, Ukarumpa International School music teacher Marlene Schutter says.
Schutter, also a music coordinator for Port Moresby Youth Orchestra told The National that music helps children in operative ways.
“There are many task out there that proves that children are into musical instruments and in doing that they score better grades all through out primary and high schools and even in university,” she said.
“There is a task that they put out prior to the self to the children’s head and it is interesting.”
Schutter said when children play music, they use many parts of the brain in thinking and their physical aspects of playing.
“When they do music, the brain is lit up because they use so many parts of their brain in thinking and their physical aspects of playing the different instruments,” she said.
“And when they do math, it lights up one part of their brain, when they do science it lights up another part of the brain, and when they do English it lights up another part of the brain.”
Schutter said music opens up a new world for children by learning to read music, playing instruments and also helps them to read books.
“Music is truly a gift God has given us,” She said.
“When children learn and play music, it opens up a whole new world for them.
“Its enjoyable and they can be able to say I can do this and I can share my musical ability with other people.”

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