Musingki meeting vital, Masiu says


SOUTH Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu says he refuses to be drawn into a public debate over his meeting with Noah Musingki.
Musingki, is also known as Kind David NM Peii II, the head of the kingdom of Papala. The two met recently.
Masiu in a statement said the meeting was an important intervention for him as the elected MP for South Bougainville in his drive to unite groups and organisations concerned with the development and social welfare of the people.
He said the meeting enabled them to establish understanding and co-operation.
They have pledged to work together in the development, restoration and reconstruction of Bougainville.
Masiu said his conscience was clear and that he would ensure a fair and equal delivery of services to all people in the electorate irrespective of their beliefs and affiliations.

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