Muthuvel has done well in his 5-yr term


THE 2017 general election is at hand and in West New Britain for the Governor’s seat is very crucial for the province.
I urge all voters to seek for divine intervention to elect the right person to take WNB to another level in terms of development.
It is important to realise that WNB is a small PNG.
A fine example of unity in diversity.
Therefore, I am appealing to all WNB residents to respect everyone because we all own this province.
Think about our school children. You will be voting someone to continue funding schools for them, providing quality education and reliving parents from the burden of transport and school fees.
I believe Sasindran Muthuvel has performed exceptionally well as the Governor placing WNB second in the country in terms of service delivery and for many of us right thinking WNB people, he stands out as the only capable candidate to continue to develop the province for our children and their children.
Let all WNB stand together to preserve and maintain that quality leadership demonstrated in the last five years.

The Rock

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