Muthuvel tells stakeholders to work together


WEST New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel has called for a collaborative effort from stakeholders of the Oil Palm Industry Corporation to drive the industry’s welfare.
He urged the people to stop criticising the New Britain Palm Oil and its stakeholders, the Government and the company.
Muthuvel said all stakeholders needed to work together to address issues affecting the industry.
Some of these concerns are

  • Oil Palm roads needing to be maintained;
  • Outstanding land rentals;
  • Block titles for LSS blocks;
  • Fresh fruit bunch pricing formula
  • Subsidising costing of seedling and fertilizer; and,
  • Industry to become a Government regulatory body.

“It is beneficial to create a win-win situation so that all a parties will be content with the benefits from this robust industry that has been the backbone of not only the province but the nation’s economy with its K1.2 billion contribution to the national purse on an annual basis.”

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