NA has nothing to boast about, O’Neill govt has done well


THERE is nothing National Alliance Party can boast about.
They have insulted the real farmers by giving away K400 million to paper farmers under the failed National Agriculture Development Plan (NADP).
That’s why there is a huge shortfall due to unaccounted squandered funds.
It meant there was no tangible development from 2002 to 2012 but few individual and their families benefited big time at the expense of the majority struggling Papua New Guineans.
To date, not a single paper farmer has been prosecuted when funds were administered under Anton Benjamin and then Valentine Kambori.
A former National Planning Minister was convicted of a different offense when NADP was jointly administered by DAL/DNPN.
That’s why the Agriculture Department has seen a huge budgetary cut because its past management colluded with political cronies and paper farmers to steal public money.
Hence, the current Government had to make up for all wasted opportunity under low commodity prices to invest in vital infrastructures and other productive areas of the economy.
Every country in the world borrows money to develop its economy and it’s no secret for PNG to do the same.
Candidates should not deceive voters about government borrowings unless there is a default in loan repayments.
PNG has never defaulted any loan repayments since independence and will continue to do so because debt servicing is built into the National Budget every year.
We need a new government to do more in the same direction as the O’Neill Government in July 2017 onwards.

Galaxy, Via Email NCD

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