Nali expected to boost Mendi league


MENDI Rugby League believes the return of Mendi MP Michael Nali to politics will pave a way forward for the game in Southern Highlands, president Barclay Tenza says.
Tenza recalled Nali as a strong supporter of rugby league who ensured the league was well funded when he was previously MP.
“When Nali was in power we used to have good funding and our teams competed well and the administration ran smoothly,” Tenza said.
“Now that he is in power again, we are expecting some good things to come to strengthen the league.”
Tenza said MRL was the feeder league for the Mendi Muruks and the Hela Wigmen.
“Some of the representative players including Albert brothers — Wellington and Stanton — as well as David Loko of the PNG Hunters were produced by MRL,” he said.
Tenza, who was appointed president in 2016, said there had been a lack of support from the MP’s office over the last five years.

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