Nangoi wins Sumkar seat, seeks rival candidates’ input


YOUNG businessman Chris Yer Nangoi, from Karkar Island in Madang, has won the Sumkar seat, defeating two “veterans” in the process.
The 38-year-old Pangu Pati member polled 8763 votes to beat former attorney-general Sir Arnold Amet by 823 votes.
Third among the 46 candidates was two-term MP Ken Fairweather.
Nangoi, who buys and sells copra and cocoa in Madang, is from Yukyuk village.
Sumkar returning officer Albert Ului said despite constraints, he was happy to announce the result at the Megiar pastoral centre at 11.45am yesterday.
Nangoi said he was ready to deliver government services.
He thanked the people for electing him and said he was now their servant.
“Many of you will say I am too young but I can assure you that I have the energy to deliver the services,” Nangoi said.
He invited the other candidates to work with him to ensure equal distribution of services and share ideas to move the district forward.
Nangoi said party leader Sam Basil had promised him that the five-year plan for Bulolo would be rolled out in Sumkar.
Basil flew into Madang two hours after Nangoi’s declaration to welcome him to the party.
Madang Pangu Pati president Joseph Moke said Nangoi was the official candidate recommended and endorsed by the party executives on the ground.
Two other candidates were reportedly also endorsed by the party.
Moke said the endorsement of these two persons was done without the knowledge of the party executives and dismissed it as an “administrative matter”.

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