Naru calls on state to address sports violence


MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru condemned violence in sports as disgraceful and called for government reforms through education to change the sports culture in Papua New Guinea.
Calling it unbecoming of elite athletes and unacceptable behaviour in the country’s semi-professional competitions, Naru urged sports administrators to come down hard on bad behaviour as witnessed recently when the Hagen Eagles lost to the Agmark Gurias in the Digicel Cup rugby league preliminary final.
Naru expressed his sadness at the death of innocent young father Joe Pidik, who was fatally attacked, allegedly by Eagles supporters as a spill over from violence at the Digicel Cup preliminary final.
“I was moved from TV footage of late Joe’s ‘haus krai’, especially since he was just an innocent Gurias supporter,” Naru said.
He called on police to investigate the brutal killing of Pidik and bring the perpetrators to justice.
He said Papua New Guineans had yet to understand the meaning of sport and the fact that for every contest there was a winner and loser.
“You must accept defeat. You cannot blame the referee or linesman for your loss.
“As a player, your performance on the day dictates your fortunes,” the former Port Moresby Kone Tigers lock said.
“There is no place in PNG sports for sportsmen or women who incite violence,” Kasiga said after contributing to the “haus krai” of Pidik on Wednesday.

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