Nasfund on target in service delivery

  • NASFUND is “on target” to deliver technology, people and process-drivers to revitalise it and meet what it had set out at the beginning of the year.
    Member Service chief officer Charlie Gilichibi said the aim was to provide fast, reliable, and efficient services to members.
    Some of the achievements so far include:
  • Successful fund administration transition in key customer areas including employer online portal, member online portal, smartphone application and electronic workflow;
  •  process revamp which had been completed successfully against key indicators;
  •  people realignment which is currently in progress. It is anticipated to improve customer focus and internal efficiencies in the last quarter of this year, next year and years after; and,
  •  Queuing (ticketing) system trialed successfully at the Boroko service centre in Port Moresby. This provides great insights to management on key metrics for improved data-driven decision-making.
    Yesterday, the media was taken on a tour to see how the fund had been working to improve its services to members. It included a visit to the call centre.
    “In terms of technology, we have crossed the line. The other area that we have ticked off is the process,” Gilichibi said.
    “But it now comes down to people.
    “We have a programme that is currently in progress.
    “We have identified that we have a skills gap and that we have gone through a programme to correct that.
    “For instance, at our call centre, we should be able to respond to you within five to 10  seconds.
    “The same information we give you when you go to a branch we are now giving you on a smartphone or online. You don’t have to go in person anymore and stand in queues.”

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