National Cultural Commission submits restructure plan


THE National Cultural Commission (NCC) has finally submitted its restructure plan to Department of Personnel Management (DPM), according to executive director Casper Damien (pictured).
“It was a milestone for NCC as it took over 10 years to have the plan finalised and submitted,” he said.
“It’s one of my priorities to get this restructure plan done when appointed NCC boss and I am happy that finally we have achieved that.
“Thanks to the new NCC board for endorsing the restructure plan and we are hoping for new staffing and recruitment.
“The current state of affairs have affected staff morale and performance at NCC and with the restructure plan in place, we hope to recruit new and qualified people to the vacant positions at NCC.
“NCC staff restructure is one important area that needs to be rectified and that includes three institutions that come under National Cultural Commission– Institute of PNG Studies, National Film Institute and National Performing Arts Troupe.
“All of the staff are very old and they are within retirement age. They need to go and we have already put them in our retrenchment plan.
“DPM has given us green light for the retrenchment for old NCC staff and we have already summited the final list for DPM to deliberate on that.
“We hope that DPM will give us a positive response so NCC can plan officially to market the approved positions through advertisements in the media (newspapers).”

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