National, Supreme courts open in Goilala

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A National and a Supreme Court were opened in the Goilala district of Central province last Friday.
Justice Panuel Mogish opened the courts in the Tapini local level government area.
Justice Mogish described the opening as new era of law and order for the people of Goilala.
“I am proud to be here, after 41 years the National and Supreme Courts are now in Goilala district,” he said.
“Let’s transform Goilala into a world-standard rural setting by developing law and order.
“I’ve been visiting all the districts in Central to make sure that the districts have the benefit of a judge of the National and Supreme Courts.
Justice Mogish told the people that law and order was important in the community because it provided respect and peace in the community.
“I need your support to establish law and order here. Other services will flourish in the district if there is law and order,” Mogish said.
“Court is here to encourage development.
“I am really grateful for the presence of your leader William Samb (MP) here to be part of the occasion. I’ve been to other districts in Central but I never saw a politician present to greet the court party.”
Justice Mogish told Samb to refurbish a historical court building in Tapini to be used for national court sittings.  He travelled with a team including lawyers David Sopane and  Garry Tine from Public Solicitor’s Office, police officers, Correctional Services officers, soldiers, and court staff from the Waigani National and Supreme Courts.
The Goilala people living in Tapini witnessed the  opening.
Goilala MP Samb said he was delighted with the occasion. He thanked Justice Mogish and his team for delivering judiciary services to his district, which have been non-existent in the last 41 years.

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