National unity vital: Roche


Catholic Bishops Conference  of PNG and Solomon Islands general secretary Fr Victor Roche, in his independence anniversary message, says that national unity is paramount.
In a media statement, Roche urged the people to be grateful to God for the many blessings to Papua New Guinea because people had the freedom of religion and speech.
“Papua New Guinea is blessed indeed because of the development of the infrastructure such as roads, bridges, schools and health centres.
“PNG is blessed indeed because of the development of the human resources such as the education of the people, workforce in the private and government sectors.
“PNG is blessed indeed because of the faith of the people, for 96 per cent are Christians.”
Roche said, however, the country faced many challenges where development had not gone to the rural areas.
“Corruption is blocking us in going forward. Although we have the natural resources, the funds go to the private pockets and not the people,” he said.

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