Natural Park receives support


PORT Moresby Nature Park’s “Pasin Tumbuna Day” programme has drawn  support and assistance.
The National Cultural Commission (NCC) is one of the supporters in the efforts to encourage preservation, safeguarding, protection and promotion of the indigenous Papua New Guineans’ traditional culture.
The Pasin Tumbuna Day   or Day of our Ancestors will be at the Nature Park on Saturday and will be open to the public to see and participate in traditional weaving, face-painting, carving, traditional food, games, music and display of artefacts.
Announcing a contribution of K10,000, NCC’s director of the policy planning and research division Ombone Kaiku said: “Nature Park is bringing in the nature to complement culture.
The theme for this cultural festival culture, nature and education fits the initiative.”
Kaiku said PNG’s culture derived its elements and cultural forms from the natural environment and the initiative tended to demonstrate that relationship.
Nature Park general manager Michelle McGeorge,  acknowledging NCC’s contribution, said it was the first time they had organised the event.
She said they were trying to work with the Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture (Otac) and its agencies.
She said the event was all about understanding and learning the traditional skills and about 25 cultural groups were ready for the show.
Otac director general Marianna Ellingsen said it was an exciting event for them because it was being staged for the first time.
She said it was not only for foreigners but for Papua New Guineans because tit would help them discover and explore themselves.
Ellingsen said the skills were dying and needed to be preserved and passed on to the next generation through demonstrations.

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