NCD has 265,000 registered voters: EC


THE National Capital District has about 265,000 registered voters across its three districts for the general election, according to Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.
Moresby North-East has 105,000 voters, Moresby North-West 90,000 and Moresby South 70,000.
“There will be approximately 370 polling booths operating in approximately 170 polling places throughout NCD,” Gamato said yesterday.
“Approximately 105 multiple-booth polling places will be in operation during polling: 15 with four to seven polling booths and 90 with two or three polling booths.”
Key multiple-booth polling places within the three NCD: Moresby North-East:

  • Boroko: Apex Park (4 booths) and Lahara Park (2 booths)
  • East Boroko: Coronation Primary School (5 booths)
  •  5-Mile Settlement and NBC: Jack Pidik Park (4 booths)
  • Saraga Settlement: Saraga Field (6 booths)
  • Gordon: Unagi Oval (4 booths)
  • Erima Settlement: Erima Court House (7 booths)
  • 8-Mile Settlement: Moitaka Primary School (6 booths)
  • Morobe Block: PNG Power Pole, Last Block (5 booths)

Moresby North-West:

  • Hohola Burns Peak: Hohola Police Station (4 booths)
  • Tokarara: Tokarara Secondary School (6 booths)
  • June Valley: Ororo Primary School (3 booths)
  • North Waigani: Boreboa Primary School (3 booths)
  • Morata 2: Pastor Charles Lapa’s Residence (4 booths)

Moresby South:

  • Newtown : Kabua Crescent Roundabout (3 booths)
  • Wanigela Village: Wanigela Community Hall (5 booths)
  • Gorobe Settlement: Gorobe Mini-Market (3 booths)
  • Sabama Suburb and Settlement: Sabama Field (5 booths)

Voters can check for their names on the Electoral Commission Electoral Roll Lookup website: .
For electoral roll confirmation and information about where to vote, contact the NCD Election Information Hotline Centers by phone or email:

  • Moresby North-East: Phone: 7936-4938 or 7553-4721; Email: [email protected]
  • Moresby North-West: Phone: 7936-4947 or 7536-5507;Email:[email protected]
  • Moresby South: Phone: 7936-5000 or 7553-4763; Email: [email protected] The polling schedule for NCD can be viewed on the PNGEC website: .

For additional information about the PNGEC and 2017 National Election, visit the PNGEC on Facebook:

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