NCD urban clinics to be upgraded


URBAN clinics within Port Moresby will be ungraded this year by the NCD Health Services (NCDHS) director of curative health, Dr Jerry Tanumei says.
Tanumei told The National that urban clinics were currently not functioning to their full capacity because of staff shortages as well as the absence of some vital services such as specialist care.
He said NDCHS planned to make the urban clinics one-stop-shop facilities to save time and costs of patients having to travel to main hospitals.
Tanumei who is also the acting health advisor, said the target for NCDHS this year was to equip the clinics with specialist care services, pharmacies, mini labs, improve staffing and security and post full-time doctors at each clinic.
“Our target for development of services in NCD is to bring services close to the people. We want to introduce specialist services at all the urban clinics so it becomes a weekly specialist services so patients would only go tohospitals for admission.”
There are 26 urban clinics within Port Moresby, two thirds of which are owned and operated by partners of NCDHS and one third are owned by the Government.
He said there were plans to increase the number of urban clinics within NCD and Central, however they were faced with challenges of staff shortage.
He said once more staff were recruited, NDCHS would set up urban clinics in areas such as Hanuabada Village and Fisherman Island.

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