NCDC agrees to take over resettlement of Paga Hill residents at 6-Mile


Negotiations are underway between the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and developer Paga Hill Holdings to sign an agreement to transfer the exercise of resettling people evicted from Paga Hill to 6-Mile.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop told The National that they would continue to pursue the matter to have the memorandum of agreement signed so NCDC could take over and cater for the displaced settlers.
“On my part as governor, since their eviction and resettlement, I’ve been waiting for Paga Hill Holdings for us to sign the memorandum of agreement so that the exercise can be transferred to the city so we can take over,” Parkop said.
“I’ve had discussions with Paga Hill Holdings to sign the agreement and make it better and this is something I’m talking to the (lands) minister about.
“I hope we can have the resolution soon so we can take over and if they have allotments all the basic amenities are allocated to them,” he said.
Parkop said the resettlement of Paga Hill settlers was a private programme undertaken by Paga Hill Holdings.
“They did the eviction in order to get possession of Paga Hill. They put the settlers out there.  The idea was to give them allotments and provide all the amenities to them.
“In terms of the allotments they have been allocated land except that they have not developed the land yet so they cannot move from the common relocation areas to the allotments.”
Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the Paga Hill eviction was a very unfortunate situation.
“We have the new sub-division development at 6-Mile which would be completed in three months, 250
allotments 15×15 metres road drainage and accessibility to water and power.
“This is a new model of how a resettlement programme should be done and with governor, myself and the prime minister to counteract what was not done correctly before.
“We hope to allocate at least 80 blocks of that sub-division to the Paga Hill people that have been resettled there at 6-Mile.
“We look forward to allocating that, we’ve got the list of those families and they are first priority to get allocation of blocks which I would like to see completed by the end of this month,” Tkatchenko said.

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