NCDC gives K1mil for Sirinumu, Iarowari road


THE National Capital District Commission has allocated K1 million for the upgrade and sealing of the final  5km of road from Sirinumu to Iarowari, in Sogeri.
Parkop said that was the plan they had put in place and he has called on stakeholders to do their part to resolve the landowners’ demand.
The landowners forcibly took the keys from officers in charge of the dam on Friday in an attempt to close it. They were complaining about the failure of the authorities to upgrade the road.
Armed with a restraining order from the court on Saturday, PNG Power officials and NCD police went to Sirinumu and took the keys from the landowners.
Parkop said that since Friday he had been working with PNG Power acting chief executive officer Alex Oa, Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi, Central police commander Liamo Asi, Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Kairuku-Hiri MP  Peter Isoaimo and president of Koiari local level government Ogi David to resolve the matter.
“We eventually got the landowners to hand over the key to the valve at the dam and hand over the vehicle they illegally seized to PNG Power. I am pleased that the situation has gone back to normal,” Parkop said.

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