NCDC needs to control overgrown trees


ALLOW me to express my concern regarding the overgrown palm trees along Port Moresby city roads.
While I support the initiative by NCDC in beautifying our capital city, I am concerned that some of these palm trees have grown out of proportion with their fronds stretching out towards the road which can be a distraction to drivers and may cause accidents.
A good example is the turn-in at Korobosea food land when you are coming from Four-Mile.
You will notice the palm fronds are stretching out towards the road making it difficult for pedestrians to cross over to the bus stop and shopping centre.
Cars travelling toward Three-Mile drive at high speeds that is unsafe to cross at times.
This is not the only place where trees have grown this big.
There are other parts of NCD that you will realise these palm trees are a hindrance to motorists and pedestrians.
This issue needs to be taken seriously to avoid potential road accidents.
While I appreciate the initiative by relevant authorities to beautify our city, I appeal to them to monitor and trim these trees to avoid inconveniences in the future.

Manaulu P

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