NCDC to review urban plan


THE business community and other stakeholders are important in the planning and development of Port Moresby, according to the National Capital District Commission.
Deputy city manager Kenneth Atasoa said the commission had consulted stakeholders groups before any development projects, including the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce.
Atasoa was responding to comments published in The National last week by chamber’s chief executive officer David Conn, suggesting that businesses should be more involved in the development of the city of Port Moresby.
Conn said: “Infrastructure development has grown exponentially in the last few years and while the chamber has had little input to many of these projects – previously the chamber was represented not only on the NCD Commission but also on the Physical Planning and Building Board – the business community has no voice on any
of these vital planning institutions.
“City Hall could easily rectify this but has shown little interest in having the taxpaying business community involved in the running of the city’s affairs.
“Basically it is taxation without representation.”
Atasoa said: “We are going to review the overall Urban Development Plan where the chamber will have that opportunity again to voice their needs for commercial and industry purposes.
“They are important as they are driving development and contribute to the wealth of this nation.
“In fact they are supposed to be represented on the physical planning board and the building board but we have not appointed a new board yet.
“When we do, they will be represented.”

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