We need to come together to fight corporate criminals


Corporate criminals thrive in PNG simply because we are not raising our collective voices against their venality.
PNG is probably the only country in the world where corporate
criminals walk around freely without having to look over their shoulder.
When a perpetrator of corporate crime is not brought to justice, a bad precedent is set which means that a repeat of a similar crime is very likely in the immediate future.
Given the current law and order situation in our country, one might jump to the conclusion that everybody in PNG is corrupt.
Let me tell you that not everyone in this country is corrupt.
There are good and virtuous people out there who will do whatever it takes to maintain their decency in a country that buckles under the weight of corruption.
The good people will always be good no matter what price they must pay to keep their dignity and their sanity intact.
We, who are decent and hard-working, may be a minority but let us not feel intimidated by the many faces of corruption and corruptors who lie in wait everywhere.
Let us not go down the path taken by many who easily give in to the demands of the corrupt, thereby losing their dignity, but let us fight this evil.
We know that our faith is grounded in Almighty God, our Creator.

Paul Waugla Wii,
Demang, Kerowagi

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