We need to encourage more local investors


THE most reliable means of improving living standard in Papua New Guineans is to encourage more local investors to boost labour market that can open its corridor to the labour force.
It is encouraging to see some of the businesses in Papua New Guinea are well progressing ahead of their counterparts which is a good sign in improving the economy and also about creating employment opportunities in Papua New Guinea.
Too many investors are here for the people in terms of pricing competition and creation of labour market.
The significant amount of drop in the labour force will be notified through unequal participations of the investors through service provide.
Let me emphasis a bit by why I did saying there will be a significant drop in the amount of labour force.
There are some degrees of certainty to which some businesses in PNG turn to override others in terms of bid and contract award.
To fix labour market in PNG there must be a confident among investors; that is to say encourage more investors to adjust labour market; create more employments to recruit more labours without which there will be a chaos and short supply of labour demand will be produced and this in turn will affect general performance of the economy of the country.
We have come to witness or experience some of the major issues affecting level of development in the country from the public sectors.
The total economic collapse for the country will definitely come alive if the investors pull off from the business sector if the private sector carries the same grievance as the public sector if freedom of making business in Papua New Guinea is limited.
We need to improve our labour market and increase our labour force and promote our local investors.
That is the only option to put Papua New Guinea on the road to development.

Neven Amugl

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