More needs to be done to keep fields


SIR Donald’s Park and the Yabon softball and cricket field should be left for the people of Madang to enjoy as sporting and recreational areas.
These two very important
landmarks should not be destroyed.
Madang Town residents pay taxes and therefore should continue to enjoy these sporting and recreational facilities.
The proposed multi-billion kina investment of a shopping mall and high-rise hotels, which are being planned for the development by an overseas developer is very well supported but should be relocated somewhere.
The provincial leadership has completely failed in its development plans to secure robust and vibrant planning of this beautiful township.
The current unplanned activities in the town shows how short-sighted people placed in the positions of trust make decisions for their own interests and benefit.
The administrator should work together with the Madang Town Authority and have a vision to transform these recreational areas into vibrant part of the town where economic, social and cultural pursuits combine to showcase our beautiful provincial capital.

John K. Kirakar

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