Network between countries vital


NETWORKING is important between countries and organisations which support women empowerment in the Asia-Pacific region, an official says.
Young Women’s Christian Association of PNG coordinator Naomi Woyengu is attending a triennial conference of Pacific women and a meeting of Ministers for Women in Fiji.
She will later attend a Supporting Young Women’s Leadership workshop in Australia.
She will be representing the YWCA of PNG and will make a presentation on the outcomes from the recent YWCA PNG young women’s forum in Port Moresby.
“By sharing outcomes statement and programmes we are hoping to raise the profile of the YWCA of PNG in the region and also to market our programmes to secure funding for future projects or to build on the ones we already have,” she said.
“I feel that this workshop, like the one in Fiji, is a great opportunity for the YWCA of PNG to network and learn through the experiences of representatives from other countries and their programmes to help improve our own in PNG.”
She said it would be an opportunity to share the stories of PNG women, their struggle and success.

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