New bmobile day-pass to benefit customers


BMOBILE-VODAFONE has launched its “day pass” allowing subscriber unlimited calls to bmobile-vodafone numbers for a day after subscribing for K2.
Chief marketing officer Parag Panjwani said the product was to cater for customers’ demand on affordability and convenience of its services.
“Our customers love the unlimited call bundles,” Panjwani said.
“Our customers told us they would like an unlimited calls bundle for a day because they like to buy things in small portions.
“We understand that need and introduced K2 for the whole day.
“We call it the day pass.
“With these bundles our customers can speak to anyone on bmobile-vodafone network in PNG for as long and as often as they like without worrying about running out of credits.
He said the day-pass would also allow customers to access affordable SMS.
“In addition, the customers also gets fixed minutes to call or SMS within PNG.”
Customers wishing to subscribe to the ‘day pass’ can dial *777# and select the Unlimited Call Plans for details.
It also gives subscribers five-minute calls and five SMS to other networks as part of the bundle.

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