New board members sworn in


NEW members of the National Education Board have been sworn in yesterday in Port Moresby.
“The Education Act of section 10 of 1993 and 1995 provides for an education board to be established to govern the education system in our country,” Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra told the 26 members who represented church, State, business and civic and higher education and the four regions.
“It is by authority of the act that empowers the minister to appoint the board and our good minister has appointed you to serve that board for the next three years.
“The board has very important role in our education system for it oversees the overall system in terms of governance and also to ensure that the system is functioning and plays an important role to ensure that we achieve the vision and mission that is mandated to the Department of Education.
“This is important because you represent all the key stake holders of our system, especially the churches and the provincial government in this board so that we all work collectively for the interest of our country and our future.”
Dr Kombra, who is the board chairman, introduced Walipe Wingi, Anne Marie Kona, Titus Romano Hatagen, Maxton Essy, Prof David avanamur, Wilma Paka, Keith Jiram, Moses Sariki, Was Rowatina, Joanne Puname, Leonard Jonli, Roma Tuidam, Paul Namono, Joseph Direkoro, Paula Gande, John, Larandiloloa, Jim Yawane, Percy Kaniniba, Collin Loi, Ken Dunn, David Conn, Priscilla Kare, Karen Haive, Associate Professor Raymond Kaul Gena and Dr Sam Najike.

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