New boat eases school transportation issues


Schools in coastal areas of Huon Gulf will now have been given a new boat by the education services.
Huon Gulf district education service has purchased a 40-horsepower boat to assist schools in local level governments of Salamaua and Morobe Patrol Post, where people depend on water transportation.
District education manager Moses Wanga said the boat was bought at a cost of K28,000 to help transport teachers, school supplies and inspectors to schools in the two LLGs.
The funding done was through education division support to education services in the districts.
Wang said the gift would stop schools hiring boats for transporting supplies.
Schools and education authority hire a boat from Lae to Salamaua for K800, one way, and K1500 to Morobe. “For years, education officers visiting schools along Huon Gulf have difficulty in logistical support,” Wanga said.
“Now we have a boat to ease the burden of transportation, especially for schools along the coast.”
The boat will help teachers from 36 elementary and primary schools in Morobe coast and 15 in Salamaua.
Schools and teachers will buy the fuel and pay for crew allowances to transport supplies to their schools.
Wanga said officers from other government sectors wanting to use the boat have to pay for fuel as well.
The new boat adds to a 10-seater Toyota Land Cruiser Huon district development authority bought for schools along the roads earlier this year.

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