New church to operate in PNG


A CHRISTIAN church, which believes in the existence of God has  four personas, has been granted permission by the government to operate in the country.
The New Guinea Independent Ministry (NGIM) has been given the go ahead to operate in the country as a legally recognised and established church.
The church was issued a recognition certificate last month by Investment Promotion Authority according to director Kayaeng Rabisang.
“All the (Christian) churches believe in three-in-one God but we believe in four-in-one (God),” Rabisang said.
“We have pulled out from the Lutheran Church because we have discovered many hidden truths.”
Rabisang said they believe that there are four personas that form the Christian God and these personas are God Nari, Yesu Sadi, Holy Spirit and Fire Holy Spirit.
“In our belief, we recognised that the Bible was printed later and human beings were the source of the Bible,” Rabisang said.
“We believe that we the New Guinea people are the source of everything.”
“We have discovered that truth and we want to put the truth so that everyone can see.”
He said their church was incorporated two years ago and has about 2000 followers mostly in Lae and in Hube in Finschhafen, Morobe.
Rabisang said it took him 45 years of research to eventually break away from the mainline churches to found the NGIM church.

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