New cooler to benefit coastal areas


A GROUP of entrepreneurs have produced the “walk-in chiller” to store fish in coastal areas which do not have electricity.
The solar-powered cooler was put together by the group operating under the business name Qipopo Limited and based in Morobe.
Project coordinator Ruth Bihoro said they were buying fresh fish from local villages along the Morobe coasts and reselling them in Lae.
They found out that some of the fish had gone bad because the fishermen did not have coolers to store their catch.
Bihoro said the group eventually came up with the “walk-in-chiller.”
The cooler is powered by a solar panel
“We constructed the cooler at a cost of about K15,000. But the actual would be around K80,000 – that’s the quote we got from the professionals at Daikin,” she said.
“It has taken us a while to have the facility completed because we were facing funding issues.
“The cooling unit is powered by a solar panel on the roof.”
Jackson Taviri, who designed the cooler, said the facility could cater for up to 10 eskies full of fish.
Taviri said the facility could be modified and expanded depending on the need of the villagers.
He said the invention was a breakthrough as it would greatly assist local fishermen to preserve their catch.

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