New court system better


Reports by CHARLES MOI
CHIEF Justice Sir Salamo Injia says judicial case management is the way to go to improve the performance of the courts.
He presented a paper on the “Quality of Justice in the Pacific: Myth or Reality” at the week-long Pacific Judicial Conference in Port Moresby attended by chief justices and senior judges from Pacific island nations. Sir Salamo said a judge-based, driven, supervised and controlled management was necessary to improve court performance.
He said since the judicial case management was introduced in the country in 2008, a physical inventory of the case load of each court was directed by the chief justice and conducted nationwide.
“Pacific judiciaries are accustomed to a registry-based case management system under which parties dictate the flow of the case from the registry into the courtroom,” Sir Salamo said.
He said the registry-based case management system accorded well with the traditional notions of an adversarial system of justice on which the common law legal system was based and has value.
“However, its strict application has produced court inefficiency,” Sir Salamo said.
“The registry-based case management system was responsible for many undesirable outcomes inter alia, the accumulation of a backlog of cases that have remained not reached for many years.”
Sir Salamo said the creation of judicial case management was crucial.

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