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The National – Thursday, September 15th 2011

NORTH Queensland Cowboy’s inform five-eighth Ray Thompson has been named in the PNG PM’s XIII side to take on the Australian PM’s XIII next weekend in Lae.
Thompson believed to be from a mix parentage of Western province in PNG and Australia has been in great form and his call-up to represent PNG will be a bonus for him and his family.
Thompson is among 19 players, along with his Cowboys teammate James Segeyaro, announced by the PNGRFL selectors yesterday.
To add confidence and strength to the team, former coach Adrian Lam has been recalled to coach the team.
He will arrive in the country on Monday.
The team: David Mead (Gold Coast Titans), Elijah Riyong (Vipers), Chris Hogi (Lahanis), Richard Kambo (Wigmen), Albert Patak (Gurias), Dion Aiye (Eagles), Thompson (Cowboys), Gonzilla Urakusie (Lahanis), Segeyaro (North Queensland Cowboys), Rodney Pora (Eagles), David Loko (Mioks), Glen Nami (Lahanis), Paul Aiton (Cronulla Sharks), Charile Wabo (Muruks), Pidi Togap (Gurias), Larsen Marabe (Wigmen), Sameul Sok (Wigmen), Jessie Joe Parker (Wigmen) and Joshia Abavu (Vipers).
Lam in an email to this paper yesterday said time was of the essence considering the team was to play in 10 days.
“Obviously more time would have been preferable but we will do our best,” Lam said.
He also confirmed that he would coach the Telikom PNG Kumuls to take on the Fiji Batis in Fiji next month.
Lam resigned as coach last year citing instability on the PNGRFL board but has returned  after the Kumuls poor Four Nations last October.
“I am passionate about the  Kumuls and the people of PNG.
“ I have dedicated  to making a difference to rugby league in the country and I will do whatever it takes to make us better and earn the respect we deserve from the other countries that we are a great rugby league playing country.
“Like all of PNG, I was sad and disappointed to see our performances last year in the Four Nations tournament after our build up over four years with a great squad and winning the Pacific Cup.
“I want to get us back to where we belong.
“It will take time once again to rebuild what we had, but I want to be here for the long haul over the next couple of years to achieve that,” Lam said.
“Considering we play in 12 days.
“Obviously the more time would have been preferable but we will do our best.”
Meanwhile, the Emerging Kumuls was also named yesterday.
They will take on a state  side from Australia as the curtainraiser to the PM’s XIII match.
The emerging side: Michael Gawi (Tigers), Tiger Emere (Tigers), Thompson Teteh (Lahanis), Jack Marcus (Gurias), Sebulon Ragi Junior (Vipers), Bobby Mori (Vipers), Noel Joel (Vipers), Junior Pangogo ( Gurias), Sebastian Pandia (Vipers), Henry Wan (Eagles), Mark Mexico (Tigers), Sonny Daing (Warriors), Sydney Fred (Tigers), Elvis Dick (Lahanis), Whelma Jerrick (Wigmen) and Spiro Mikaive ( Lahanis).
The team will be coached by Peter Danga  assisted by Viper’s  Shane Morris. 
Jason Tassel is the head trainer while the team manager will be Kera Ngaffin.
Chairman of selectors Arnold Krewanty said selection was still open and players not in the squad could still force their way in.
Numapo said there was still room for  players on the fringe of selection to break into the team.
He said the selectors would  consider the emerging players.
However it is believed that bulk of the players will come from the current PM’s XIII squad.


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