New Gazelle administrator calls on staff to have good work ethics


GAZELLE district administrator Ekonia Walom wants teamwork among public servants in delivering impact services with honesty, transparency, commitment and loyalty.
Speaking during the handover of the office this week, he said he looked forward to challenges ahead in administering the biggest district in East New Britain and the fifth largest in Papua New Guinea by population.
Walom said he would continue on from where outgoing district administrator Rose Murure left off to bring development a step forward.
“But I cannot do that alone and need support from the district, LLGs and its public service machinery.,” he said. He told public servants that there were great challenges ahead and appealed for cooperation and commitment.
“My mission is to serve the 107,000 people in the district to the best of my ability with important values and principles; honesty, transparency, commitment and loyalty.
“If we posses all these values, I believe we will leave a good legacy and something highly valued for the Gazelle people.
“I will have no room for complacency and people serving with conflict of interest, stealing and corruption as such illegal practices are diseases and will hinder development success in the district.”

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