New govt must focus on road development


PNG is well known for its rugged terrains and high peaks which one cannot feel comfortable doing business within.
If you look at how most of the developed nations came to be where they are now, it’s because of the good road networks and adequate means of transportation.
We cannot develop a small township or a local level government area up to standards if there’s no proper road infrastructure been built.
Likewise, we cannot access proper health services, education services and efficient infrastructures to develop our electorates if our roads are run down.
It is the road that can make everything possible at one time.
I have observed that many Papua new Guineans, especially up in the rural areas, are trying their very best do business in their respective areas from time to time but they cannot continue to make use of the opportunities and grow their businesses due to Road problems.
If we want the economy of the country to be competitive, we should build many roads as possible as we can.
Link major cities to the rural areas and you will see that economic activities will increase highly.
Please whoever that forms the next government should seriously consider the problems of roads in PNG.
Legoea Eagle (Duna)
PNG for better Road Networks.

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