New Ireland needs change in leadership


THIS is in reply to the letter by Public Servant Too, which appeared in The National yesterday.
The writer said the political head of the province cannot come down to the level of an ordinary public servant.
Firstly, I would like to state that Sir Julius Chan has done nothing for the people of New Ireland since he came to power in 2007 and thus we do not expect him to come down to our level.
Secondly, his brother’s shipping company, Vanmak Shipping Limited and their vessel Vanmak Toby have benefitted from the shipping franchise arrangement by the Department of Transport through Asian Development Bank funding to service the people of Konoagil, Tanga, Anir, Lihir and Namatanai.
However, just last week the staff of Vanmak Shipping advised their customers from Tanga Island that they must vote for the current governor or their small cargoes will not be allowed on the ship.
Is this a sign of a leader for the people?
People of New Ireland must not be blind and put an end to the Chan Dynasty once and for all.

Ogi Sang kife kemem
Port Moresby

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