New Ireland plans dole for the aged, people with disability


New Ireland is the only province in the country that has planned for persons with disabilities and the old age to be on a dole system, Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Secretary Dickson Guina says.
Guina told The National  the Organic Law on persons with disabilities had been excluded in the government planning processes.
He said New Ireland had set the standard and other provinces, including Central, ought to take on the challenge.
“We have neglected the disabilities in our planning and in all the things that we have done,” Guina said.
“New Ireland has put every person with disabilities and also the old age people on dole.
“The persons with disability and the old age get money every month, some assistance from the New Ireland provincial government,
“If New Ireland can do it, I want to challenge Central province to do it, we need to get the information and a budget for it.
“In the long run, we have these people on dole, money is not an issue; we can budget for these people so they can have money and funding to assist them in their needs. They are the people who really have needs.
“This is a time for change, I’m excited because this is the right thing to do for our people.”

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