New law building nears finish


THE new School of Law building at the University of PNG is expected to be completed in time for the 2017 academic year, according to the contractor.
Niugini Builders managing director John Bori told The National that even though construction was put on hold for eight months this year because of funding problems, it should still be completed on schedule.
He said it cost K12.5 million to complete the building. However, he only received K2.5 million of that amount.
Construction had to be suspended for eight months this year because of funding issues.
“The government did not allocate the funding and the university was struggling to pay the contractors,” Bori said.
“So we stood down the workers for many months. I think in the recent past, the Government has put priority on the contract, so we are remobilising back on the job.”
He said it was a three-phase contract.
“The first phase was in 2012, stage two started in 2013 and completed in 2014.
“Stage three started at the end of 2014. This project is now at the finishing stage, meaning all the structures have been done, the roofing has been in place, glasses in place.
“It’s just the finishing – meaning we just have to activate the air-conditioning system, tile the building, plus the plumbing.”
The building has lecture rooms, offices, a computer laboratory, library, post-graduate research centre, courtroom and a lecture theatre.

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