New lodge opens in Madang


THE Western Highlands community in Madang farewelled one of their businessmen and witnessed the opening of a lodge owned by another last Saturday.
Former Madang MP and businessman Stanley Pil was laid to rest in his tomb at the town cemetery.
Hundreds including Governor Paias Wingti witnessed the burial.
Pil passed away on Nov 6 at the Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby after he suffered from malaria for three weeks.
Pil’s life as a business man in Madang has touched the lives of many people from all walks of life.
He started a retail shop through the Stret Pasin Stoa scheme in 1982 and bought the business centre now known as Redscar.
He was a one-term Madang MP from 1992-1997.
Meanwhile, hundreds attended and witnessed the opening of the new Kikri Lodge owned by Pil’s relative Simon Berum.
He started off as coffee buyer, set up a beer store, operated PMV buses in Lae and built the MMS Lodge in Mt Hagen before establishing the Kekri Lodge in Madang.
Madang district executive officer Philip Kom described the day as ‘a one lose one gain’ day for the Western highlands community in Madang.
Kom represented Madang MP Nixon Duban and opened the new lodge.
He said the opening of the Kekri Lodge was an investment that would boost the economy of Madang.
He said the investment was timely because accommodation would be a vital need during the 2018 Apec meetings in the country. Madang will be hosting several of the meetings.
Kom also announced that the Madang district development authority had recently resolved to assist with the construction of two hotels in town to accommodate the guests who would be attending the 2018 Apec meetings.

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