New MPs urged to acquit funds

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NEW MPs have been urged to acquit all their discretionary and non-discretionary funds without delay.
Department of Implementation and Rural Development acting secretary Aihi Vaki  said this when receiving the first acquittal of K115,000 used by the Ijivitari district under new MP Richard Masere.
Vaki said it was very encouraging to see a new MP who had just received funds this month accounting for it straightaway.
“Acquit immediately. Do not wait until later. When you do that, you will be late in getting the next lot of funds,” he said.
“We are advising people that acquittals for the first quarter should be coming in and reports should be presented.
“When you procrastinate, you don’t receive any of these funds. The five years catch up with you (quickly) and you have denied the people from receiving services.”
Acting district development authority chief executive Ijivitari Naaman Beso said the funds were received on the first week of September and were mainly used on the Independence Day celebrations.
Acting first assistant secretary Gordon Wafimbi said the presentation of the acquittals was an indication of good things to come.
He urged the Ijivitari DDA to interact more with the department because it had been lacking previously.

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