New MPs urged to be vigilant


INDEPENDENT candidates and leaders of smaller political parties have been advised to weigh their options carefully before joining bigger parties.
PNG Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc president John Leahy said: “If you behave like a mindless lemming, you should expect to be treated like a mindless lemming.
“That means you will be treated with no respect,” Leahy said.
“You need to be patient and see what the final outcome is and then negotiate among yourselves to determine whether you join a coalition with the party getting the most seats or group together with others to form a coalition  (if necessary) to form the  government.  The idea that someone would signal their intention at this stage is staggering.
“Obviously such a candidate is incompetent at negotiating.
“Obviously, unlike the 2012 election, the 2017 election has not met current expectation as to the integrity and efficiency.
“So the reputable majority in business community want to see a genuine contest between the major political alternatives as far as possible.”

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