New power supply deal


AN international energy company is in the process of constructing a K400 million power generation facility in Lae.
The Mayur Power Generation Company is waiting for the signing of a power purchasing agreement with PNG Power Limited to start work on the facility. It will be called the Environ Energy Park.
The company which specialises in renewable and clean energy will build the facility at the western end of the Lae Tidal Basin.
Managing director Paul Mulder told The National that the investment would increase to about K1.6 billion at the peak of the project.
Mulder said they would use an “energy mix” which included coal, solar, geo-thermal and biomass energies to power the Environ Energy Park.
“We are really keen on this project,” Mulder said.
“It is at its advance stage and we have done a lot of research.
“We will supply 50 megawatts of power with about two 25 megawatts of plants operating.”
Mulder said the company has chosen Lae because of its strategic location, growing economic importance and its need for reliable, cheap, clean and uninterrupted power supply for everyone.
“The key here is for us to bring the country out of energy poverty, reducing the cost of power and increasing the reliability of power and making sure that there is a good energy mix in the system,” Mulder said.

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