New road for villagers


A GROUP of villagers in a remote area of Morobe want to take part in the national roll update exercise.
They are from Sarampik village in Wain-Erap, on the border of Nawaeb and Huon Gulf. They want their names in the Wampar council roll.
The villagers have submitted their names to the office of Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour.
Seymour provided a bulldozer to construct a new road linking eight villages located along the Atzera Range.
Women’s group treasurer Make Yengki said women presently had to walk with their cargo to the Wawin National High School gate to travel to the Lae market.
“Women enduring birth complications are carried on makeshift stretchers to seek health service at the Zifasing aid post and Wampar health centre in Nadzab,” Yengki said.
Morobe Electoral Officer Fredah Joses said she was not aware of the mater and would seek clarification.
“As far as we are concerned, enrolment is done by proclaimed wards and boundaries,” Joses said.
Wain-Erap council president Charlie Foike said it was people’s decision but shifting from one LLG to another had to follow legal processes.
Seymour said Sarampik people shared Wampar and Wain-Erap boundaries that receive services through Wampar. Thus, it was appropriate to build a road for them.

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