New rule in place for advisers


A NEW regulation is in place for non-citizen technical advisers (NCTA) to comply in order to protect the country’s sovereignty.
Personal Management Department Secretary John Kali revealed this during the 4th Government Departmental Heads meeting last week in Lae.
He said the new NCTA regulation came into effect on the Sept 1 to better manage and control expatriate advisers who work in the public service
“The regulation ensures they are accountable to their PNG agency heads regarding their daily direction and work priorities,” Kali said.
He told The National that the law only applies to non-citizens who are employed by aid organisations and agencies such as the World Health Organisation and European Union.
“The purpose of the new regulation is to provide a legal relationship between non-citizen advisors and PNG agency head,” he said
He explained that NCTA’s were employed by aid providers, therefore, there was no legal relationship between them and PNG so the new regulation would act as a legal bridge between them and the government.
Kali said the regulation would establish a behavioural standard to ensure NCTA’s build the capacity of their PNG counterparts during work.
“This regulation, however, does not apply to non-citizens who are employed directly by the PNG Government to provide advisory support in an agency or engaged within statutory authorities like universities and NGO’s,” he said.

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