New shop adds to facelift


A new two-storey shopping facility has opened for business in Goroka, Eastern Highlands.
Building owner Elizabeth Kimisopa presented the keys to tenants Steven Zengwen, Linda Niha and Willie Winzung.
Elizabeth and her husband, former Goroka MP  Bire Kimisopa, thanked Contractor China Harbour Engineering for completing the shop.
“There are many modern style buildings coming up in Goroka that will change the image of the town. The shop may be a small building but it goes far to give a much-needed facelift to the town,” Kimisopa said.
He described it as a “fantastic building and a job well done” and thanked everyone involved in the construction of the new facility, especially his architect Robert Kupisili.
“This is a first commercial building we have ever built.  We are happy to hand over the keys to the tenants,” he said.
According to the tenants, they would use the bottom floor for a KFC fast food outlet while a gift shop would be on the top floor.
They said as they were happy to be the first tenants and vowed to look after the building while doing business there.

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