New tech makes musicians lazy

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A RENOWNED Papua New Guinea musician says the introduction of the multimedia recording is making people become lazy without reaching their true potential.
Dika Dai of the famous Deejays band and chief engineer of CHM studios says people are so used to the latest computerised creativity that they were incapable of performing live music.
“The creativity used in multimedia to draw different musical sounds is never precise with live recordings,” he said.
“People can do anything and be very creative with the computer but at the end of the day they cannot produce the exact music or sound when performing outdoors.
Dai, who has been in the music industry for the past 35 years and performed livein PNG and abroad,challenged musicians to try live performances.
“These are when you would be able to see your true potential,” he said.
“Kids these days are becoming very lazy. They cannot play live music. Few have come close to producing that sort of sound but the majority are not able to and haven’t even played a musical instrument at all.”

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