New water plant for city


EDA Ranu plans to build a new water treatment plant in Port Moresby to address water supply problems faced by its residents.
Eda Ranu chief executive officer Henry Mokono said the second plant should address the water supply to the lowlands of Port Moresby.
“I believe that when this comes on stream, water woes will be resolved. Because demand has grown, we need this plant. We believe that in the next one or two years, this water problem will be resolved,” he said.
“Port Moresby is a huge city and is growing at an exponential rate, with many developments taking place.”
Mokono said Eda Ranu, in partnership with the city’s MPs, continued to deliver clean water to city residents.
He said some of the costs involved in rolling out the water projects were subsidised by the MPs.
“Although we are not making money out of this, we are subsidising costs as part of our community obligation,” Mokono said.
He urged people in settlements and Motuan villages to take ownership of the water supply.
Mokono said Eda Ranu had asked each family to pay K10 to K20 a month for the water they used from communal taps.
“For the first month or so, they were excited and paid. But eventually they stopped. This forced us to start disconnections,” he said.
“Some of these settlements owe us in excess of K300,000.
“This is the dilemma that we are faced with.”

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