Next govt to focus on agriculture: Kali


AGRICULTURE will be the focus of the next government after this year’s election, says Personnel Management Secretary John Kali.
He said this during a meeting with Highlands Agricultural College principal Phillip Senat and his staff at the HAC campus in the fertile Wahgi Valley yesterday to discuss turning the campus into a regional training centre for public servants.
“Agriculture is a key priority of government and we think that this will be the ideal place to start,” he said.
“A lot of people have expressed desire to go back to this school, getting people to be extension officers.
“We’re all very excited about this and I’m determined to make sure that this happens.”
Kali was shown a rice field on campus which was used to train and feed students as well as cattle-grazing on the banks of the Wahgi River dividing Western Highlands and Jiwaka.
He was also shown the rundown facilities and told of the staff requirements of the college.
“We’re going to start pushing the agriculture sector now,” Kali said.

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